Electric Vehicles in Orlando

Navigating Trade-Ins and Sales in the EV Era

Evaluating Electric Vehicle Value

Traditional car value calculators often rely on metrics designed for combustion engines, such as the odometer reading, which may not accurately reflect the value of an electric vehicle (EV). That’s where Sport Buys Cars has a solution!

Our trade tool (Powered by TradePending) takes into account the vehicle’s market value based on similar and comparable EVs within our local market. We take the trade value range and your cars condition into consideration to give you the power to choose your deal.

Odometer Matters Less For Electric Vehicles

The traditional odometer reading, the STANDARD in gauging the condition and value of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, offers a reasonable insight into their past, present, and potential future value. Given a century of automotive industry experience in analyzing the wear and tear of pistons and transmissions, the value determining process in these vehicles is relatively well-understood and predictable.

However, electric vehicles (EVs) present a different scenario. Lacking pistons or transmissions, an EV typically has around 20 moving parts, in stark contrast to the 2,000 found in a typical ICE vehicle. The most crucial component of an EV is its battery, which is a significant determinant of the vehicle’s range both now and in the future.

This is precisely why showcasing a healthy and well-maintained battery is vital when seeking to maximize your EV’s trade-in value. Traditional valuation methods often overlook the aspect of battery health, which is a key factor for EVs. By emphasizing this crucial aspect, you can secure a better valuation for your used EV.

In preparation for selling your car, you should obtain a Range Score evaluation well in advance of the sale. This provides a documented track record of your responsible EV ownership, further strengthening your position in the trade-in process.

Why Choose Sport Buys Cars for Your EV Trade-In

As EVs continue to increase in popularity, so does our ability to help you sell your EV! With our local market data and trade tool, we can offer you the best local offer on your EV. Along with our dedicated buying team, our process makes it simple and seamless to sell your electric vehicle in Orlando.

Our Reviews

Sheri S.
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"I had the pleasure of doing business with Ed Michaels at Sport Mazda South. He is very friendly, knowledgeable, and I received the best customer service anyone could ever have at a dealership! From the first call he was asking the right questions and offered to handle our transaction without me even going to the dealership! They came to me! I am recovering from surgery and he made our transaction so smooth it was unbelievable. When I called and texted he responded right away! I will definitely do business again with Ed Michaels at Sport Mazda."
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"Needed to sell my car that I just don't drive anymore. I went on KBB, put my basic information. Not 10 minutes later Josh called. We talked about the car and set up an appointment to meet. Wow. Josh and team were exceptional. Josh has a world of knowledge about cars. (And Furniture). If you need a car or want to sell your I highly recommend Josh and team"
Jeff Bush
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"Fantastic experience working with Ed Michaels.They bought my car while I was working overseas and they made the whole process painless and simple. Thank you guys!"
Kevin Monell
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"Joshua Simpson took the process of selling my car and made it the easiest thing in the world. From when he inquired about my car to signing the paperwork Joshua was attentive and reassuring. On the day of the sale he made the experience very easy with the entire process taking less than an hour."
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"Absolutely amazing customer service from Ed Michaels at this location! Wonderful staff, they met my needs quickly and everything was as smooth as can be, I am so grateful for how easy this process was. Thank you so much! A pleasure doing business with you!"

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